Teeth Whitening

Looking your best includes the shade of your teeth. Sherman Oaks, CA teeth whitening makes your bright smile - and a younger looking face - easy to achieve! Call Dr. Burstein, dentist in Sherman Oaks, CA about our safe and effective methods of removing tooth staining. We offer a variety of methods to lift years of discoloration. Dr. Burstein will recommend the best method for your particular discoloration. Contact our Sherman Oaks Dentist team today to learn how teeth whitening can turn back the clock.

Dr. Burstein provides comprehensive dentistry for teeth whitening in Sherman Oaks, CA.


Do you have a last minute event or function that you would like to dazzle others at tonight?
If so, then the Britesmile system may be for you. This is an accelerated in-office system using a concentrated lightening gel and a light to remove stains and brighten your smile. If you are a candidate for this method, you can expect to lighten your teeth up to eight or nine shades in about 90 minutes. You can return from your lunch hour with a rejuvenated smile! In addition, we send you home with a touch up kit to further lighten your teeth, or simply touch them up in a few months.

Don't wait any longer for the dazzling smile you have always wanted.

Call our dental office in Sherman Oaks and find out, how tooth whitening can make a difference in your life.

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