Sedation Dentistry

Apprehensive, fearful of dental treatment? Are You Anxious About Going To The Dentist?

Relax, you are in good hands. This is true for all patients of our dentist in Sherman Oaks, CA, Dr. Burstein. If you are familiar with dental anxiety, Dr. Burstein wants you to know about the Sherman Oaks, CA sedation dentistry available in his practice. Oral conscious sedation dentistry exists to safely relax patients, making dental work easy for them to face and easier for Dr. Burstein to provide.

How does sedation dentistry works?

Patients take a pill before their appointment and become less aware of the sensations of the dental office. With the use of oral medications in a monitored environment, we can safely perform the dentistry with no discomfort. Furthermore, you will not be aware of the treatment performed and will probably have little or no memory of your dental visit.

"I have been trained in providing you with this safe form of oral sedation. Anxiety regarding your dental treatment should no longer be an obstacle in achieving your dental goals."
Dr Burstein.


Dr. Burstein provides safe and effective sedation dentistry in Sherman Oaks, CA for a relaxing dental visit. Please call (818) 906-1122 if you have any questions regarding anxiety-free dentistry.

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