Our Sherman Oaks dentist is dedicated to providing natural-looking smiles using a variety of dental treatments. One of these treatments includes dentures. Dentures are removable teeth replacements that can either replace all of your teeth or just a portion, otherwise known as partial dentures. The dentures are made from a combination of materials for durability and look completely natural.

Who is a candidate for full dentures? Who is a candidate for partial dentures?

Full dentures are offered to Sherman Oaks patients that have lost all of their teeth, regardless of the reason. Full dentures will help restore chewing and speaking abilities, while also maintaining jaw structure and facial muscles. They greatly enhance your appearance and smile, which otherwise would begin to deteriorate due to the loss of teeth.

Partial dentures are offered by our dentist in Sherman Oaks to patients who have only lost some of their teeth. The partial dentures replace only the missing teeth and match the size, color and shape of the patient’s natural teeth for superior appearance.

Both partial and full dentures are personally designed by our Sherman Oaks dentist for proper fit and appearance.

Care of dentures

Whenever you remove your dentures, we recommend standing over a towel or sink filled with water, just in case you happen to accidentally drop the dentures. Denture care is relatively simple and requires almost the same treatment as your natural teeth. You may brush the dentures with a denture brush to remove food particles and plaque, which will help stop staining. Pay close attention to any metal clasps as food can become trapped in these areas.

Your gums and mouth will also need to be cleaned. Remember to brush your gums and tongue will a soft-bristled toothbrush every morning.

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